The Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts presents La Juerga Flamenco Ensemble on Thursday, April 19, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the Rudder Theatre.    

La Juerga Flamenco Ensemble presents “Sin Barreras”.

This show is true to its name in that it presents a flamenco without boundaries, uniting artists from various point of origin including France, Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, and The U.S. In this show, La Juerga presents a flamenco rooted in tradition with a paradigm and structure based on tablao style flamenco or flamenco seen in the taverns of Spain.

Get a taste of the production below!

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In January 2017, together Third Rail Projects with Texas A & M University faculty and students in the Department of Dance, Performance Studies, and the Department of Visualization created a new immersive theatre performance called “The GROVE.”   The production featured Video projections and architectural sound installations created by Architecture faculty and students.  The live performers were students from the Dance Program and Performance Studies.

Watch the production below!