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Interpreting Heat

Interpreting Heat
This exhibition is based on Heat by the Koresh Dance Company.  The student work exhibited comes from multiple areas, including costume design, architecture, art installation, and dance; each as a translation of Heat.  In preparation, students used their own disciplines as frameworks to observe and interpret the dance language. Such investigation helped the students’ creative processes escape from conventional operations and deepened the understanding of how meaning is medium specific.
 Title: Together/Apart
Instructor: Angenette Marie Spalink
Students attended the Koresh Dance Company rehearsal and used this as a jumping off point for the piece. Combining inspiration from Koresh and our own individual ideas and approaches to dance, we devised Together/Apart.
Performers: Olivia Parker, Karli Kessler, and Benedicta Sowah 

THAR 435: New Technology for Performance Design
Instructor: Rayna Middleton Dexter
After observing the rehearsal of "Heat" from the work Inner Sun with Koresh Dance Company, students were asked to respond creatively in the format of their choice. The work should incorporate the use of technology learned in the course as part of the creative process. The students designed costumes and masks, scenic elements, and marketing materials.
Selected Student Work:
Poster: Jonathan Cavalier (Digital drawing), Stephanie Curtiss (Costume), Aubrey Fairchild, Jacqueline Genovese (Mask Design), Madison Murrah (Costume), Chaz Macklin (Scenic Design), Kailey Belt (Costume), Amber Royea (Costume).
Mask: Delmy Escobar, Savannah Richie
Scenic Design: Chaz Macklin
Costume: Kailey Belt
Costume: Amber Royea
Costume: Rayna Dexter
 ENDS 105: Design Foundation I
Instructor: Weiling He
Taking Heat by Koresh Dance Company as inspiration, students used solids and voids as the vocabulary to explore the tensions in spatial relationships, such as composition, figure/ground, grid, sequence, and rhythm. The work resulted in a park of interweaving landscape and architecture pieces.
Selected Student Work:
Evan Kennedy, Lauren Jersey, Jack Chatelle, Allie Becker, Cindy Salinas, Jenna Templeton, Catherine Nortzon, and Taylor Deforge
VIZA614: Form, Installation and Environment
Instructor: Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo
Students incorporated various aesthetic components of the Koresh Dance Company's dance performance in their interactive projects. The interactive projects augment the viewers' experiences through sensorial actuations including lights, vibrations, and kinetic movements. 
Selected Student Work:
Meg Cook, Bodies
Christina Hernandez, In the Moment
Krislyn Koehn, Breath & Dust
Krista Fay Simandl, Collect
Dean Zhu, Masque
ENGL 386 Creative Nonfiction.
Instructor: Susan Stabile
Flash nonfiction moves with quicksilver urgency: reflective, fluid, and alive.   
Arresting images emerge through choreographed prose, its lyrical precision revealing a story that pivots around a singular, punctuated moment.  This assignment required students to approach creative nonfiction writing—as an embodied practice—through an analogy with dance.  Because analogies offer distance from what we expect, know, or think we know. They provoke creative interference, producing raw ideas held in a state of potentiality, which provokes associative processing and reflection.  And they activate simultaneity and surprise, resituating us beside our own stories. Students attended the Koresh dance rehearsal with one simple instruction: respond.   
Selected Student Work:
August Gant, “Ritual”
Brooke Cordell, “Here You Are”
Claire Trawhon, “Her Name is Cog”
Alexandra Brown, “Hands”
Katie Clark, “Ugly Duckling”
Chantal Cough-Schultze, “Equilibrium”
Madison Lawson, “Share”
Rebecca McCord, “Necropolis”
Rhett Artis, “On Borrowed Time”
Terri Castro, “The Count to Eight”
Photos by John Peters