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The United States Army Field Band Concert Band & Soldiers' Chorus

Described as the “greatest military chorus in the world,” by Erich Kunzel, the Soldier’s Chorus of the United States Army is a diverse vocal complement of the United States Army Field Band of Washington D.C. The 29 member chorale travels both nationally and abroad to bring their “musical excellence and inspiring patriotism” to audiences everywhere. What makes this chorus unique is the diverse musical backgrounds of the members, ranging from opera to vocal coaching to musical theatre. The Soldier’s Chorus has performed in 4 world fairs, as well as the 750th anniversary of Berlin and the rededication of the Statue of Liberty. With diverse pieces including Broadway styling, barbershop quartet, Americana, and many more, the Soldier’s Chorus is sure to delight the audience at Texas A&M University!

Photo courtesy of The United States Army Field Band