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NEW “AVPA Virtual Workshop Grant”

Published on 12/21/2020 12:00:00 AM
In order to respond to the limited travels and face-to-face interactions during the fall and continuously enhance the Arts at Texas A&M, the AVPA is offering a new "Virtual Workshop Grant" of $500 each to support collaborations between faculty members and external artists in conducting virtual workshops during the academic year of 2020-2021 to enhance students’ learning experience.
Texas A&M University faculty from the Colleges of Architecture, Education & Human Development, and Liberal Arts are eligible to be the PI for the AVPA Virtual Workshop Grant. We encourage interdisciplinary proposals including faculty in Colleges not affiliated with the AVPA.
Project Period
Grants are awarded for the academic year of 2020-2021.
Evaluation Criteria
The Virtual Workshop Grant will assist visual and performing art programs in collaborating with external artists virtually to engage with students.
  • Evaluation criteria for Guest Artist Grant are:
  • Impact on program operation and curriculum;
  • Enhancement of the students' learning;
  • Benefit to faculty;
  • Addressing the online medium and social distancing;
  • Sustainable impact on the advancement of the current curriculum.
Application Format
All proposals must be submitted electronically in PDF format to AVPA Program Coordinator Eunice McCain-Davis ( Two or more PDFs must be combined into a single file. Proposals must include the Virtual Workshop Grant Cover Sheet, including the appropriate department head signatures. In addition, proposals must include:
Abstract: A summary briefly describing the workshop’s content; participating students, faculty, and artists; and anticipated impact on program operation and curriculum. The abstract should not exceed 150 words and must use Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced with one-inch margins. List five keywords associated with this proposal listed directly underneath the abstract.
Workshop Description: A narrative description of up to one double-spaced page using Times New Roman 12-point font with one-inch margins. The workshop description should include name and affiliation of guest artist(s) with details about them, or other pertinent information and state the specific objectives of the workshop. Provide background information about the workshop and discuss its potential impact on the Arts at Texas A&M; including the direct impact on TAMU students.
Host and Artist Curricula Vitae: Up to two pages listing recent publications or creative works for the host faculty and visiting artist.
Current and Pending Support: List the source, title, date, and amount of relevant internal and external funding support received and pending, as well as for applications submitted but not funded during the previous three years (for all investigators).
Budget: The $500 award is for speaker’s fee, workshop materials, and other direct expenses for conducting the workshop.
Report Requirement
Upon completing the awarded project, the awardee is responsible for submitting a project report within a month after the last day of the virtual workshop. Since Virtual Workshop Grants focus on students’ learning the AVPA requires student feedback in the forms of written essays or surveys as a part of the awarded project report. If the awardee fails to submit a report on time, he/she will not be eligible to apply for any APVA grants for three academic years.
Award Details
The AVPA will provide up to $500 to successful applicants. Grants may be used anytime during the 2020-21 academic year. The virtual workshop will not be funded retroactively. Any unused funds at the end of the project period will be returned to the AVPA at the end of the grant period.
Virtual Workshop Grants must demonstrate a sustained interaction between faculty and students as well as the significant educational impact for TAMU students. Results of these activities, as well as an explanation of how this impact is assessed, must be summarized in an annual AVPA Final Report, to be publicly available and posted on the AVPA website. Expenses beyond the amount of the grant will not be reimbursed by AVPA.
Fall Submission
To accommodate applicants’ schedules, the grant offers two deadlines of Fall and Spring.
Opening date for the submission of proposals: Immediately
Fall deadline: August 10, 2020
Notification of awards and grants: August 14, 2020
Spring deadline: January 11, 2021
Notification of awards and grants: January 15, 2021