An Evening with Sarah Kilborne


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About this Show

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The Lavender Blues is a showcase of queer music before World War II. It is music history. It is queer history. It is women’s history. It is entertainment. It is life.

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“Girls were girls and boys were boys when I was a tot.
Now we don’t know who is who or even what’s what!”
(Gwen Farrar, 1926)

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Some of the most famous musical artists of the early 20th century were “in the life” – meaning gay, bisexual or transgender – and they sang about this life in a variety of genres such as blues, early jazz, ballads, and pop. The Lavender Blues introduces audiences to a little-known, yet revolutionary moment in music history when pioneering artists sang boldly about sexual and gender fluidity, something daring even for today – and as deliciously fun and inspiring as ever.

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 The Lavender Blues was chosen one of 2017’s “exciting new works in development” by the Association of Performing Arts Presenters.

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About the Artist

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Sarah Kilborne is an author, singer, performer and activist. She’s a graduate of Yale University and the founder of the Kiss for Equality campaign.  Sarah is a committed advocate for equal rights and frequently writes about LGBTQ issues for Slate, the Huffington Post, the Advocate, SheWired, LGBTQNation and more. Her first one-woman show is the new musical revue: “The Lavender Blues: A Showcase of Queer Music before World War II.”

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For more information about Sarah Kilborne, please visit:

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Tickets will be on sale soon.

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