AVPA Student Travel Grant


In order to support undergraduate and graduate students with their career goals, the AVPA offers Student Travel Grants to aid students’ participation in arts related conferences/workshops or presentation of art related research. Grants will be awarded based on the quality of the application, letter of support and the availability of funds.

Award Details

The AVPA will provide up to $500 of travel expenditures to successful applicants. The travel grant may be used for research-related travel; conference expenses; and other normally reimbursable expenses. Student Travel Grants are for a maximum of 24 months. Any unused funds at the end of the project period will be returned to the AVPA at the end of the grant period.

Student Travel Grants must demonstrate a significant educational impact for the applicant. Results of these activities as well as an explanation of how this impact is assessed must be summarized in an annual AVPA Final Report, to be publicly available and posted on the AVPA website.

Expenses beyond the amount of the grant will not be reimbursed by AVPA.


Texas A&M University undergraduate and graduate students in the Colleges of Architecture, Education, and Liberal Arts (students from other Colleges will be assessed on a case by case basis) are eligible to receive the AVPA Student Travel Grant. Students must be in good standing with the University. The AVPA Director and a 3-person subcommittee drawn from the AVPA Advisory Board will adjudicate grant applications.


Format for Application

All proposals must be submitted electronically in PDF format to AVPA Program Coordinator (avpa@tamu.edu). Proposals must include the AVPA Student Travel Grant Cover Sheet, including the appropriate department support signature. In addition, proposals must include:

  • Project Description: A short abstract that describes the proposed travel and the significance to the student’s education/career goals. Please include a link to the conference/workshop being attended.
  • Letter of Support: An official letter from a faculty advisor explaining the significance of this travel on the applicant’s educational goals.
  • Involvement with the AVPA: Include any volunteer work you have contributed to the AVPA and/or shows you have attended and the impact these artists had on your education. Volunteer work is strongly encouraged for applicants. The AVPA office maintains a list of volunteers, if you are interested in volunteering for the AVPA please email the Program Coordinator (avpa@tamu.edu).
  • Budget: Provide a clearly laid out budget including an explanation/justification of funds. Matching funds, if applicable, should also be listed clearly in the budget.

For the AVPA Student Travel Grant Application, click here.


Granting Schedule

Student TravelGrantCoverSheetThere are two granting periods per academic year:

Fall Submission (funds awarded for Winter Break or Spring)

Opening date for the submission of proposals: September 21

Applications due: October 15

Notification of awards and grants: December 1

Spring Submission (funds awarded for Summer or Fall)

Opening date for the submission of proposals: March 7

Applications due: April 1

Notification of awards and grants: April 15


Upon Completion of Travel

All recipients are required to provide post travel summary including: budget and write up on the experience and impact. Any student who fails to comply with this requirement will not be eligible for any future grants.