AVPA Course Development Grant


In order to directly engage undergraduate and graduate students with the AVPA mission and programming, the AVPA offers Course Development Grants to develop new courses or adapt existing courses that evidence a commitment to integrating practice and research as well as take AVPA-sponsored productions, performances, or exhibitions of creative work as a central component of the course curriculum. Special consideration will be given to proposals that specifically address interdisciplinary teaching and research. Up to three grants will be awarded in each granting period, or up to six grants per year.

Award Details

The AVPA will provide a research bursary of $1000 to successful applicants. The research bursary may be used for research-related travel; conference expenses; purchase of equipment, materials, and data for the completion of the project; and other normally reimbursable expenses. In addition, up to $500 is available in support of class-related activities or events (an outside visitor, the cost of a student forum at semester’s end, or other in-class activities). Course Development Grants are for a maximum of 24 months. Any unused funds at the end of the project period will be returned to the AVPA at the end of the grant period.

Curriculum Development Grants must demonstrate a sustained interaction between faculty and students as well as significant educational impact for TAMU students. Results of these activities as well as an explanation of how this impact is assessed must be summarized in an annual AVPA Final Report, to be publicly available and posted on the AVPA website.

Expenses beyond the amount of the grant will not be reimbursed by AVPA.


Texas A&M University tenured and tenure-track faculty and continuing instructional faculty in the Colleges of Architecture, Education, and Liberal Arts are eligible to receive the AVPA Curriculum Development Grant. Co-authored, interdisciplinary proposals are allowed, including co-authored proposals including faculty in Colleges not affiliated with the AVPA. The AVPA Director and a 3-person subcommittee drawn from the AVPA Advisory Board will adjudicate grant applications.


All proposals must be submitted electronically in PDF format to AVPA Program Coordinator (avpa@tamu.edu). Proposals must include the Course Development Grant Cover Sheet, including the appropriate department head signatures. In addition, proposals must include:

  • Project Description: A 1-page narrative description of how an existing or new course will incorporate the AVPA program offerings as well as integrate artistic practice or research within the course. If applicable, please highlight the interdisciplinary components of the course.
  • Draft Syllabus: Topics, readings, and assignments identified on the syllabus should demonstrate a commitment to developing performance or visual art as a component of research and an analytic tool. Students will be required to attend at least two AVPA-sponsored events, and reflect critically upon those experiences.
  • Budget: If funds are requested in support of class-related activities or events, a budget including an explanation and justification must be included.

Granting Schedule

There are two granting periods per academic year.

Fall Submission

Opening date for the submission of proposalsSeptember 21

Applications dueOctober 15

Notification of awards and grantsDecember 1

Spring Submission

Opening date for the submission of proposals: March 7

Applications due: April 1

Notification of awards and grants: April 15