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The Passion of Saint Thomas More

Rather than a literal interpretation of history, The Passion of Saint Thomas More is a meditation on More's decision to be true to his convictions and his refusal to agree to Henry VIII's demands. Described by Gramophone as “hypnotic, magical, enchanting and moving…[with] touches of pure dramatic genius,” the operatic oratorio has been performed across the US and Europe to critical acclaim.
Led by Artistic Director Garrett Fisher, the Fisher Ensemble creates music-theater that seeks to be a vital part of our community and culture. Combining diverse influences into a unique sound, the Ensemble's works invite audiences to re-imagine the contemporary world through lenses of myth and history.

Seattle-based composer Garrett Fisher presented, with his Fisher Ensemble, more than a dozen live multimedia productions in the US and Europe, work that has been hailed as “a groundbreaking hybrid...a strong, unified and strikingly individual utterance of unambiguous beauty” by the New York Times. His opera BLOOD MOON, commissioned by Beth Morrison Projects will have its world premiere at New York City’s Prototype Festival in January, 2020. Wall Street Journal critic Brett Campbell writes: “Among American composers of his generation, Garrett stands out because of the way he’s assimilated such diverse global musical and other artistic influences into a distinctive, original, yet listener-friendly sound. And he’s successfully created a strong collaborative process for making multimedia productions that may be a sustainable model for independent twenty-first-century American composers.”
Photo by Nayia Frangouli