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Event Time: Friday, March 4, 2022 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Event Location: Downtown Bryan - March First Friday

In an effort to assist in preserving her culture, Michelle N. Gibson teaches others about the rich Diasporic blood lines of the Black, New Orleans community focusing on the rooted and embodied traditions clearly noticeable within what she defines as her Second Line Aesthetic. The New Orleans Original BuckShop works to honor the culture as a lived experience by creating a platform of the aesthetic and historical relevance becoming a part of the academic conversation as it relates to the African American vernacular, the culture, and social dance forms.
The New Orleans Original BuckShop and the work of Michelle N. Gibson serve as the bridge between communities and academia, highlighting the importance of art as a lived experience and lifestyle.
The New Orleans Original BuckShop is an enthralling master class series that immerses participants in the culture and Diasporic traditions of Black, New Orleans. Michelle N. Gibson focuses this masterclass series in her own “New Orleans Second Line Aesthetic " that involves improvised movement, interpretation, defined footwork and full body articulation, brass band music and the embrace of communal ritual. With hips leading the torso and feet, legs bent at the knees, and steps that strut, Michelle N. Gibson shares her lived experiences through the history of her city, language, art, and music.