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Welcoming the new School of Performance, Visualization & Fine Arts

Published on 9/7/2022 4:34:23 PM
On September 1, 2022, Texas A&M University officially launched the new School of Performance, Visualization & Fine Arts. The Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts is excited to partner with the new School to continue enhancing the arts in the Brazos Valley!

The unique community of the School of Fine Arts, Performance, and Visualization cultivates interactions between arts, science, and technology, both in theory and in practice. By pursuing excellence in education, research, and creative works, the school advances society through arts and creative media.

Led by Interim Dean Tim McLaughlin, the School fosters excellence by drawing together faculty and leadership from diverse backgrounds providing a blend of academic and professional experience to create unexpected connections between visual arts, performing arts, and applied science. The School embraces this diversity and recognizes the value and contribution of all in crossing disciplinary boundaries revealing the intersection of human creative expression, technology, and science.

Several members of the AVPA leadership are part of the new School, including Advisory Board members Carisa Armstrong, Martin Regan, Dawna Schuld, and Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo who are faculty in the new School. In addition, Advisory Board member Dr. John T. Cooper will serve as Interim Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the new school, and Advisory Board member Christine Bergeron will serve as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Finally, Director of the AVPA, James R. Ball, III, will also serve in the new School, as Assistant Dean for Industry and Community Engagement and Executive Director of the Visual and Performing Arts Center.

Congratulations to all who worked hard to bring the School of Performance, Visualization & Fine Arts into being; it is an important and significant addition to the life of the arts on our campus and in our community.