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Since 2003, we have been supporting the curiosity, passion and endeavors for the arts on the Texas A&M University campus and in the Bryan-College Station area. We host nationally and internationally renowned experimental artists, support innovative experiments by our faculty and students, but also engage our community in current dialogues about the arts. We hope you join us to make an impact on the arts, our community and society.


Pay-What-You-Will Tickets With Pay-What-You-Will ticketing, you decide what you pay for your ticket.

To continue bringing world-class artists to campus, we would have to charge around $174 per ticket – but we know that price is well beyond what many can afford. Therefore, free tickets will be available for every performance and suggested prices for students is just $5. For all others, we leave it to you to decide what level of support you are willing and able to provide. If you can support our presenting financially, we are deeply grateful; if you cannot, we are still excited to see you at our shows!


The AVPA now offers four competitive grants for faculty. The purpose of these grants is to enhance the arts on campus and in our community by supporting curricular innovations, arts research, and the public presentation of original performances and works of art in the Brazos Valley.

In order to support Texas A&M undergraduate and graduate students with their research and career goals, the AVPA offers Grants to support students’ arts-related scholarly and creative projects, including travel, exhibitions, performances, and publications.